Four Reasons to Avoid Feeding Your Pets Table Scraps

For years, dog and cat owners have gladly shared a few bits of their dinner with their beloved pets when the time rolls around. How can you resist? When you’re about to bite down on a perfectly-cooked piece of meat or a succulent slice of cheese, it’s only natural for your furry friend to come and find you. They’ll look at you from the floor, their deep, brown eyes pleading for just a few morsels.

So, you relent and toss them a few bits of your dinner. What could be so wrong with that? Turns out, the answer is “plenty.” If you need a few compelling reasons to avoid handing out table scraps, here is some advice from your trusted veterinarians in Fresno, CA.


The most dangerous threat to your dog or cat when they’re eating table scraps is a condition known as pancreatitis. When your pet eats too many fatty foods, the pancreas can start working overtime. It releases enzymes into the digestive tract that can cause severe damage to the liver and intestines. What’s more, when the pancreas begins to work without any food in the digestive tract, it can cause inflammation and even start consuming itself.

Stomach problems

Another typical result of feeding your pet table scraps is stomach upset. You should immediately get your pet to your trusted veterinarian in Fresno, CA if you notice your pet is experiencing prolonged bouts of vomiting, diarrhea or both.

More subtle issues with stomach problems could manifest themselves as repeated stomachaches. While you won’t detect those symptoms in your pet, you should look for indications like lethargy and lack of appetite.

Accidental poison ingestion

Obviously, when you slip your dog or cat a few food scraps, you’re doing so out of love. You want them to have a taste of delicious stuff, too. Unfortunately, owners may unknowingly feed their pet food that is toxic to their system. You may not realize it, but your dog’s and cat’s bodies are more fragile than you’d think. Seemingly innocuous foods like candy, raisins and even onions could prove life threatening.

Don’t get them in the habit

When you begin feeding your pet items from the table, you’re signaling that it’s perfectly fine for your animal to go exploring for delicious bits of food. That could lead them to swallow items they shouldn’t. Stuff like small toys, animal bones, socks, strings and more could prove enticing to a dog or cat and ultimately turn out to be hazardous.

Schedule a checkup

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