Protect Your Pets from These Holiday Toxins

We’re almost there. After what many Americans would consider a pretty turbulent year, we’ve almost arrived at the winter holiday season, that five-week stretch at the end of every year where the entire nation savors delicious foods and time with the people closest to us. While this holiday season may operate somewhat differently from those in years past, there are still the usual threats to your dog or cat waiting on the fringes of the holiday celebration.

If you want to keep your beloved furry friend out of the local pet hospital in Fresno, CA, follow these steps this holiday season.

Be careful with poinsettias

If there’s one plant that encapsulates the holiday season in the United States, it’s the poinsettia. Sure, mistletoe gets a lot of credit, but year after year, millions of people put these bright red plants in their homes as a celebration of the season. While they’re gorgeous, poinsettias can also prove toxic to your pets. In some cases, eating poinsettias results in nausea and vomiting that can last up to two days.

If your dog or cat has eaten poinsettias and shows signs of strain for longer than two days, get them to a local pet hospital in Fresno, CA. Additionally, poinsettias aren’t the only plants that are toxic to your pet. Lilies, holly berries and mistletoe can also prove harmful to your animals.

Can my pet play with Christmas decorations?

In general, the answer to this question is “no.” When they play with decorations like ornaments or tinsel, your pet risks breaking the object and ingesting one of a variety of toxic materials. While you should undoubtedly discourage your pets from eating any of your decorations, some pet owners find success by lining the bottom of their tree with so-called “decoy” ornaments that are meant to be played with. Decoy ornaments can prove incredibly useful at deterring cats from causing further trouble.

The most toxic food items

In addition to potential harm from plants and decorations, you should also do what you can to avoid your pet ingesting the following foods:

  • Chocolate: Eating too much chocolate can result in seizures and stomach problems.
  • Raisins: Those traditional holiday fruit cakes filled with raisins can end in kidney failure for your pup.
  • Candy: Some types of candy contain an ingredient called xylitol, a sweetener that can cause liver failure.
  • Fatty foods: Those holiday meats could prove rough for your dog or cat, causing a condition known as pancreatitis, which could lead to death.

If you’re worried that your pet has eaten any of the above foods, contact a vet immediately.

Get the aid you need

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