Can I Get My Pets Sick?

As the year winds down, it’s time for another flu season to work its way across the country. This annual event puts millions of Americans in bed for a few days while recovering their strength. During that time, those people will undoubtedly get some solace from their furry friends.

When you come down with a cold, your nose is running and your eyes are watery, you’re warned to steer clear of the other members of your household for fear of spreading the illness to them. Your cat or dog, however, won’t bother to keep their distance. You will be cuddled with, whether you like it or not. It’s only natural to wonder whether or not your pet can contract the flu from you and whether it’s possible to take preventative steps like pet vaccinations in Fresno, CA.

Your pet is safe (from you)

You’ll be pleased to learn that the influenza virus that infects you is an entirely different strain than the one that impacts your dog. In other words, the disease isn’t transferable between species.

For a virus to jump from one person to another, it requires a natural receptor that it can latch onto. Dogs and cats simply lack the necessary receptor for the virus to grab hold, so it can’t replicate in their body.

Take precautions

That’s not to say that your beloved pet can’t catch the flu. Fortunately, you can prevent several illnesses from taking hold with a regimen of pet vaccinations in Fresno, CA. You routinely place your trust in vaccinations to prevent early-onset diseases and the potential contraction of a virus like rabies. So, why not take the extra measure during flu season?

The COVID-19 question

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s only natural for pet owners to wonder whether or not they can pass along the virus to their pets. While there have been some isolated instances where pets have been diagnosed with COVID-19, there is little evidence to suggest that they can contract COVID-19 from their people. Similarly, it’s exceedingly unlikely for animals to infect humans.

That said, the FDA recommends trying to keep your pets away from people and animals outside your family. Keep your dogs on their leashes and keep your cats indoors for best results.

Get your pets vaccinated

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