Follow These Suggestions to Protect Your Pets and Tree This Christmas

The holiday season is in full swing, and families throughout Fresno are adorning their homes with plenty of festive decorations. While you and your family may understand the basic rules of keeping your Christmas tree upright, your pets aren’t as well informed.

Dogs and cats alike may cause unintended chaos by interacting with the tree. They can get sick, break ornaments and knock things over. However, you can take steps to ensure that you and your pets enjoy the holiday without destroying the tree.

Here are some tips, courtesy of your favorite local veterinarians in Fresno, CA.

Get a fake tree

If you’re still going to the trouble of hunting down a real tree to put in your home, you should seriously reconsider it. Plastic trees are more durable and less costly over their lifetime. Most importantly for pet owners, however, fake trees aren’t dangerous. The oils secreted by real trees can upset your dog’s or cat’s stomach, making them sick.

Make a barrier

If your family pup is too interested in the tree, consider creating a small barrier around it. You can use a variety of things around your home to ensure that your dog can’t reach the tree and start messing around. This simple step could help avoid a trip to your local veterinarians in Fresno, CA during the holiday season.

Decoy ornaments

If you have one or more cats in your home, you may discover that they absolutely love fiddling with the dangling ornaments. You might also find that building a wall doesn’t do much good at guarding against a cat. So, put a few inexpensive (or indestructible) ornaments on the lower branches of your Christmas tree to serve as decoys. That way, when your kitty comes to play, they won’t do any real harm.

The jingle bell alarm

If you’re worried about your pets causing problems with your Christmas tree while you’re out of the room, consider a seasonal alarm. A few bells placed on your tree as ornaments will signal the approach of any of the house’s animals. This will give you time to spring into action to shoo them away.

Grab your spray bottle

If you’re searching for a deterrent to keep your animals away from the tree, you should consider getting the world’s most trusted pet disciplinary aid: the spray bottle. A spray bottle filled with water is a painless way to annoy your dog or cat into leaving your Christmas tree alone.

Keep your pets safe this holiday season

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