Pet Wellness: Tips for Helping Your Pets Thrive

What does it look like when a pet is living their best life? A wagging tail or a loud purr are good signs, and sometimes we think we can even see our dogs and cats smile at us. But the best way to really help your pets live their best life isn’t by giving them treats or belly rubs whenever they ask—it’s by keeping pet health in 93727 a priority in your life as well as theirs.

There are many things we can do to keep our pets in good shape. Most of the time, this involves taking care of a pet’s basic needs, like food, water, shelter and exercise. This also includes regular checkups and wellness exams with your vet. Here are some pet wellness tips in the 93727 area.

Basic needs

Pets have some basic needs that you should be able to take care of with relative ease. This includes having access to fresh water all day, having a place or time for potty breaks and keeping the living space at a comfortable temperature.

There are other needs that may not be as obvious but are still essential for good pet health. This includes giving attention to your fur baby. It’s not hard to notice when a pet is craving attention, and while we may not be able to give them all the attention they seek (after all, some pets are needier than others), it’s important to pay attention to these cues and act upon them when we’re able to do so. Otherwise, a pet may start getting stressed and you may even start to see physical signs of poor health.

It’s also important to keep noise levels in mind when it comes to both cats and dogs. Both animals are sensitive to loud noise levels, so playing loud music or rocking out on drums in a small room with your pets may be harmful to their ears and may raise their stress level.

Outside time is important for dogs in particular. While cats can often be perfectly happy being an “indoor pet,” dogs need fresh air and at least a little bit of time outside each day.

Vet visits

It’s important to make sure you schedule annual wellness exams for your pet. Even if there are no visible signs of poor health, a vet will know exactly what to check for to make sure everything’s okay. Remember: Our pets won’t always alert us to health problems they may be experiencing. Sometimes when we see symptoms of health issues, it can mean that there have been problems lingering for longer than we thought.

Every pet owner wants to make sure their furry family members have the best pet health care in 93727. While we can’t predict or control Mother Nature, regular checkups and vet visits are a great way to do our part toward keeping our pets in good health. Reach out to the team at Sunnyside Pet Hospital today for compassionate, complete care for your dogs and cats.