How to Keep Your Animals Safe and Calm During Fireworks

The Fourth of July is coming up, and that means cookouts, vacations and, of course, fireworks. While fireworks can be enjoyable for people, they do cause problems for many pets.

Cats have ultra-sensitive ears, which can make the noise a nightmare for them. Dogs will do almost anything to escape the noise, from hiding under the bed to running away. Luckily, there are some ways to maintain pet wellness in 93727 during fireworks.

Keep pets away from fireworks as much as possible

While you may hear fireworks at home, there’s not much you can do to keep the pet away. What you don’t want to do is bring your dog to a fireworks display. If they’re already scared at home, they’ll be even more terrified by the louder noise.

Go for a long walk ahead of the fireworks

Taking your dog on a long walk before the fireworks begin can help them relax and be more tired. That means the dog will likely be calmer when the fireworks start.

Keep the pets’ collars and microchips current

It’s possible your pet will run away out of fear of fireworks. That’s why it’s especially important to keep their microchip and collar information up to date during the summer. This should include your contact information and address.

Try a white noise machine or other calming sounds

Playing some calming white noise or soothing tunes can help drown out loud noises like fireworks. You can also keep all windows and doors shut in an attempt to limit the sound.

Keep your pet in a crate in a quiet room

Experts recommend keeping your pet in a crate to prevent it from running away and to muffle the outdoor noise. Find the room in the house that’s most insulated from outdoor noise, and get your pet set up there.

Bring in the treats

Nothing beats a distraction for helping pets overcome fear. Whether it’s a new bone, catnip or a chew toy, keep some on hand to distract them from the noise.

Stay home with the pet

While you might want to go out to see the fireworks, your pet might appreciate your presence at home. This can be calming for them to have you around.

Talk to your vet about using sedatives for pets with anxiety

If your pet has a history of anxiety and has had severe reactions to fireworks in the past, consider using a sedative. Pets with anxiety often show it through excessive shedding, yawning or grooming. You may also want to look into picking up a Thundershirt, which is a vest that helps reduce anxiety.

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