How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Summer is here, which means it’s time to have some fun after what’s probably been a long time without much of a sense of normalcy! Whether you like to take a dip in the pool, tend to your garden or relax with a book on your favorite patio chair, you’ll be spending more time outdoors. But along with the summer comes the heat, and this can create health risks for pets.

Here are our top tips on maintaining pet wellness in Fresno, CA—even as the temperatures rise.

What to know about your pets and the heat

Pets do not sweat the same way humans do. This makes them more likely to suffer from heatstroke and overheating. That means owners need to stay aware during the summer months if they want to ensure their pet’s health and safety.

Always have a clean, fresh bowl of water that’s available for your dog or cat during this hotter time of year. Your pets become dehydrated quickly, so having easily accessible water around is vital.

Signs that your pet is too hot

If you see that your pet is panting excessively, is sluggish or has an enlarged, red tongue, these are signs of overheating or heatstroke. This is a serious issue, and if your pet is experiencing heatstroke, you should call your vet.

It is possible for pets to get sunburned and contract skin cancer just like humans. This is especially the case for pets with short or light-colored fur. When you’re going to be outside for a while, consider using a sunscreen specifically formulated for pets.

How to cool off your pets while out in the heat

In general, it’s best to keep your pets inside during hot weather. If you do go outside, find a shady spot for your pet to hang out in and provide them with plenty of water.

You can also fill up a kiddie pool with some icy water, so they can dive in and cool down. There aren’t any specific rules on how long dogs can stay outside in the heat, as it’s dependent on the conditions and the dog’s age.

How pets get exercise when it’s hot out

Limiting exercise for your pet on hot days is important. You may want to go for walks early in the morning or at night when the sun is less fierce. When the sun is beating down in the middle of the day, your pet is liable to get burns on their paws from hot pavement.

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