Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your furry friend. The days are longer and the weather is warm, meaning more time outside. While your dog is sure to enjoy spending more time outdoors, it’s important that they stay cool and hydrated. High temperatures can cause dehydration, heatstroke, sunburns and other health-related problems. Learning proper pet wellness tips can help protect your furry friend from the Fresno, CA heat:

  • Avoid extremely hot days: If your dog has gotten used to playing outside every day, keeping them inside can be a bit challenging. However, it’s best to avoid letting them play outside in extreme temperatures. Instead, think of a way to give your dog some exercise while inside the home. Consider purchasing toys your dog can chase around the house. Some people also have their dogs run up and down the stairs in their home to get exercise. There are plenty of ways your dog can get rid of some energy while inside.
  • Keep them hydrated: It’s important to have plenty of fresh water available to your pet on a warm day. If you’re playing in the backyard, be sure to keep a bowl filled with cool water. If the water has been sitting for a while, replace it with fresh water. You should bring a portable water bowl and bottles of fresh water when taking your dog for a walk.
  • Go on walks in the mornings or evenings: It’s best to avoid the hottest point of the day, which usually comes around 3 p.m. The mornings and evenings offer great opportunities to avoid extreme temperatures while walking your dog. That said, even mornings and evenings can be very hot. Be sure to check the weather before starting a long walk.
  • Invest in dog shoes: Even on cooler days, it’s possible for your dog to burn their feet on hot pavement. Avoid this by investing in a high-quality pair of dog footwear. There are plenty of options when it comes to dog footwear, and these products can help prevent painful burns and blisters from forming on your dog’s pads. Just be sure to do plenty of research on any product you’re considering.
  • Recognize the symptoms of heatstroke: Dogs experiencing heatstroke will usually exhibit certain symptoms, including excessive panting, vomiting, disorientation and seizures. If you notice any of these symptoms, or if your dog is exhibiting any other strange behavior, it’s important to get them out of the heat. Bring your dog into a cool room and place a damp rag on their body. Contact your dog’s veterinarian as soon as possible and explain the situation. They’ll likely recommend bringing your pet in for a wellness examination.

You and your dog are sure to have plenty of fun outside this summer. Just be sure to keep your furry friend safe by taking proper precautions. If your dog is exhibiting any signs of heatstroke, contact Sunnyside Pet Hospital. We’re pleased to offer dog wellness exams to all pets in Fresno, CA!