How Often Should Your Pet See Their Veterinarian?

Veterinarians are trained to provide comprehensive health care to pets of all kinds. Most pet owners know they should call a veterinarian if something goes wrong or if their pet gets sick, but lots of people don’t bring their pets in for routine checkups or visits with a veterinarian. Keeping up with regular veterinarian visits is critical when it comes to general pet wellness, so make sure you know how often your pet needs to see their vet.

Veterinary appointment frequency recommendations

If you’re wondering how often your pet should see a veterinarian, it’s important to keep in mind that a pet’s health can change a lot over the course of his life. Cats and dogs should both be taken to the vet regularly, but the exact frequency will vary depending on the life stage of the pet, in addition to some other factors. Here are some recommendations for bringing pets of different ages to the vet:

  • Puppies and kittens: Kittens and puppies both need to go to the vet to get caught up on all their vaccinations and make sure they are growing the way they’re supposed to be. Typically, pet owners must bring their kittens and puppies to the vet every three to four weeks for vaccinations until they are 12 weeks old. In addition to providing vaccinations, vets will also examine cats and dogs and provide flea, tick and heartworm prevention medication to keep them healthy as they grow and develop.
  • Adults: After pets turn one year old, they transition into adult vet care. Typically, pets should be brought to the vet once each year for a checkup. Pets may need some booster shots to keep their vaccinations up to date, and they may also get some additional adult vaccinations. Vets will also check on overall pet wellness, including dental health, digestion and energy, to make sure they’re healthy and happy.
  • Seniors: Senior dogs and cats typically require more hands-on care to keep them healthy. When pets age, they often develop medical conditions and diseases that require medication, treatment and other types of care. Pets that are more than seven years old, depending on the breed, should see a veterinarian twice a year for a checkup. You might need to bring your senior dog or cat in for more routine checkups depending on whether your pet has health conditions that require specific care. Vets will conduct comprehensive checkups, including taking blood or urine samples to check on the functioning of livers and kidneys.

Professional pet care from a veterinarian

At Sunnyside Pet Hospital, we know how important it is for pets to see a veterinarian, and our team is here to make sure all the pets in our care receive the highest quality vet services possible. No matter your pet’s needs, our team has the expertise necessary to make sure your pet receives a level of care that will boost their health and wellness. Find out more about everything we have to offer and schedule an appointment for your pet by giving us a call today.