How Frequently Does Your Cat Need to Visit the Vet?

While you already know that proper veterinary care is essential to your cat’s overall wellbeing, knowing how frequently you need to bring your cat to the vet isn’t as straightforward, and the answer varies depending on your cat’s age.

This post will answer the common question, “How many times a year should your cat go to the vet?” If your feline friend is overdue for their checkup, be sure to call and get them on the schedule!


If you recently adopted a kitten, be sure to bring them to the vet as soon as possible. You’ll need to return to your vet once every three to four weeks for the first 16 weeks of your cat’s life. Your kitten will receive a series of vaccinations at these appointments to protect from a variety of infections and diseases.

Your vet will also likely need to see stool samples at each visit to ensure your kitten doesn’t have any gastrointestinal parasites, so bring a quarter-sized fresh stool sample to each visit. The vet may need to deworm your cat periodically due to all of the parasites kittens are susceptible to.

The time frame varies from pet to pet, but we recommend spaying or neutering between six and 12 months of age.


The answer to “How frequently should your cat go to the vet?” changes once your pet reaches adulthood. Cats between the ages of one and 10 need to visit the vet once a year. These visits include a comprehensive physical exam, stool sample check and possibly vaccination updates.

The vet will also assess your cat’s weight and oral health, looking for any signs of periodontal disease. Depending on the outcome of these checks, we may recommend putting your cat on a strict diet.

We also recommend performing wellness bloodwork on all adult cats during their annual visit. Blood tests provide all sorts of information on your pet’s overall health that may not be outwardly apparent. For example, blood tests can detect diseases early on before they worsen.


How frequently your cat should go to the vet changes again after your cat reaches the age of 10. Once your cat is a senior, they should see a vet every six months. These visits will also include comprehensive physicals along with a variety of other tests.

We typically perform a urinalysis, chemistry and thyroid blood work regardless of how healthy your cat looks. Seniors also need thorough dental cleanings during their biannual visits to prevent gingivitis and other dangerous periodontal conditions.

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