11 Spring Pet Safety Tips You Need to Know

The long winter is finally over, and spring is soon approaching. It’s important to remember to prepare your pet for the spring before the fun begins. Here are a few tips on how to improve pet health in spring.

1. A Tip to the Vet

Your pet needs annual checkups to stay happy and healthy. Be sure your vet is up-to-date with vaccines, medication, and any other form of treatment.

2. Fleas and Ticks

As the days grow warmer and your pet stays longer outdoors, they run the risk of attracting fleas and ticks. Get your pet the proper medication to ensure flea and tick prevention.

3. Heartworm Prevention

The best way to prevent heartworm is to stay updated on medications. However, even with heartworm meds, it’s best to avoid certain situations where your pet may be exposed to heartworm. Here are a few heartworm prevention tips:

  • Stay away from standing water
  • Stay away from mosquito territory
  • Time walks around peak mosquito exposures

4. Check Identification

Since animals love the warm weather, they want to spend more time outdoors. In the unlikely event that your pet escapes, you wish to find them as soon as possible.

5. Be Careful on Walks

Although snow is melting, there is still large amounts of ice on the ground. Be vigilant on walks and watch out for falling ice or frozen feet. Your pet could slip or get hurt from chunks of ice on a walk.

6. Grooming

Your pet goes through multiple shedding during the year. Help them shed the rest of their winter coat by getting them to a groomer or bath them yourself at home.

7. New Bedding

As the seasons change, so do your pet’s needs. Change the bedding of your animal’s cage and replace large blankets with thinner sheets for the warm weather.

8. Allergy Season

Some animals are subject to extreme allergies as the seasons change. If your pet begins to scratch too often or bites its paws, then it’s time to ask the vet about allergies. There are great medications to help your pet with their allergies.

9. Spring Clean Yard

The backyard is probably filled with fallen branches or fallen victim to the elements. Spruce up your backyard so your pet can have a safe and fun space to explore.

10. Spring Storms

Spring brings a lot of rainfall and thunderstorms. Prepare your pet for loud and booming noises. Create a safe space to escape, so they are less frightened about the loud noises.

11. Take it Slow

Your pet has been locked indoors for months. Please don’t overdo it on the first nice day. You don’t want to over-exhaust your dog too fast and sprain a muscle. Take it slow and let your dog build up their body again.

Your pet deserves the best. Remember to keep these tips in mind as spring hits and have the best spring you can have!