How To Get Your Pets To Take Their Medicine

Are you wondering how to get your animals to take their medicine? At some point, your dog or cat is going to need medication, whether it be to prevent external or internal parasites, treat or manage a disease, or for some other reason. It can be extremely challenging to give your pet medicine orally, but it is not impossible to do. The key is to familiarize yourself with a few tips and tricks.

Tips to Get Your Pet to Take Medicine

Here are some tips for giving your cat or dog medication. However, consult with your vet prior to giving your pet a new medication to ensure there are no issues, such as giving the medicine with food, etc. If you have been searching for “easy ways to give my pet medicine,” look no further.

Hide Medication in Strong, Wet-Smelling Food

For unflavored medicines, a good trick is to hide the tablet or capsule inside of a treat, which is a great and easy way to give your pet his or her medication. There are many tasty treats available on the market that are specifically designed for concealing pet medicines and are available at pet stores and many vet clinics. However, you can also hide tablets and capsules in human and pet foods that your cat or dog finds appealing. For example, butter, deli meats, cheese, bread, and peanut butter all work well to hide medicine.

Use Competition to Your Advantage

If you have more than one dog, you probably already know what chaos can occur when you are passing out treats. You may be able to use this competition to your advantage. After you have hidden one of the pills in one treat, you can then hand out the treats to all dogs. However, you must make sure that you give the medicated treat to the one that needs it.

Create a Game

You can easily conceal and distract your dog with a game. Simply take out a couple of treats, but be sure to hide the pill in one of them. You can then play a game of catch with your dog by tossing them a treat. Your dog may become so focused on catching the treat that they will fail to notice when you actually toss the one with the medication in it.

Put Medicine in a Capsule

There are many medicines that can be highly bitter or nasty to your pet, even when the pills are hidden in food. Another way to get your pet to take their medicine is by purchasing empty gel capsules to hide the tablets inside. You can then tuck the capsule-covered tablet in a treat. The gel cap will ensure that your pet won’t taste the medication. However, you should consult with your vet before you try this tactic.

Request Flavored Medication

Many prescribed medications for pets are available in tasty chews and tablets. However, if you are given medication that is not flavored and are still having issues hiding it in a treat, you can request flavored medication from your vet. Your vet may also be able to prescribe it in an easier-to-give form.