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Are you a pet lover? Maybe you have always wanted to own a cat and a dog, but the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” holds you back. However, you have also seen cute videos of cats and dogs together, and you know these two pets can coexist. Whether you own a dog and want to bring in a cat or vice versa, it does not have to feel like an impossible task. The question is, how to introduce your cat and dog together so they will get along? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Start Interactions While They Are Still Young

It is common knowledge that the earlier you start teaching your pets good habits, the easier it will be. The same applies to helping cats and dogs interact. When kittens and puppies are raised together from a young age, they will easily build a friendship. If you already have an adult cat or dog, consider bringing in a puppy or kitten. Adult cats and dogs are more welcoming and friendly when the other species is younger.

Separate Their Foods and Toys

Try and keep their toys and foods separate. Some dogs can be very protective of their resources, which can lead to conflict if they are eating next to each other. When it is meal time, place their meals in separate parts of the house. Keep an eye on the toys as well. Competing over toys can lead to fights.

Focus on Obedience Training

In most cases, cats and dogs do not get along because the dog keeps harassing the cat and chasing after it. Rarely will a cat cause trouble. The best thing you can do to help your animals get along is to train your dog. If you can train the dog to obey basic commands, it will be easy to keep it under control and prevent unwanted behaviors like harassing the cat.

Focus on Personality Instead of Breed

Most people say that certain dog and cat breeds are better at getting along than others. However, personality is more important than the breed. If you know that your dog is playful or active, avoid bringing home a shy cat. And if your cat enjoys lounging on the couch all day, it will not be impressed by an active dog. Try and pair pets with almost the same personality for a better chance of helping them get along.

Take Time

Do not be in a hurry to make these two get along. Even after learning some tips to getting your cats and dogs to become civil with one another, be patient with the process. Give them as much time to get used to the other, especially on the first day. And when they are meeting face-to-face, have the dog under control till you are certain they are comfortable with each other.

After a couple of weeks, your pets will have gotten used to each other. Do not forget to continue monitoring and caring for them, including going to a vet in case one or both are sick. If you own a cat, dog, or both and are worried about their health, reach out to Sunnyside Pet Hospital. We provide different health care services, including pet dental care, wellness, and vaccinations. Get in touch with us today.