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If you are a cat or dog owner, you are probably aware of numerous common pet myths that have nothing in common with reality. Some myths are harmless, while others may delay the treatment that your pet needs and cause serious health consequences. Here is a list of the most common pet myths debunked:

Myth 1: Dogs eat grass when they are sick

No, canines do not always eat grass when they are sick. Sometimes, they do it when they have parasites or dietary deficiencies. Therefore, if you notice your pooch eating grass, it is a good reason to take him to the vet.

Myth 2: A Dog’s mouth is cleaner than the mouth of a human

Not necessarily. The bacteria in a dog’s mouth is similar to the bacteria that people have in their mouths. Actually, dogs have about 700 different bacteria in their mouths, and some of them may cause oral diseases, leading to damage to bones and surrounding tissues.

Myths 3: Cats purr when they are happy

That is not always the case. Cats also purr when they are frightened, hungry or injured. If your cat cannot stop purring, you should watch for other signs of a happy feline, such as head-butting and tail-whipping.

Myth 4: Your dog or cat does not need to stay on flea or tick medication in winter

Many people do not know this, but fleas can survive in temperatures as low as 33 degrees, and ticks become active when the temperature outside is around 40 degrees. Therefore, most veterinarians do not recommend pet owners skip flea and tick preventative treatment during the winter.

Myth 5: Female dogs must have at least one litter of puppies before you spay them

This is another myth that does not have any evidence. Actually, most veterinarians agree that spaying your female dog before her first heat cycle can contribute to the prevention of many health issues and diseases, including cancer and uterine infections.

Myth 6: Letting your dog play in the backyard daily is enough exercise for your canine

Even if you have a large backyard, and your canine runs and plays outside every day, it does not mean that daily walks and other forms of physical activity are not necessary for your dog. The more active your dog is, the healthier and more fit it will be.

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