August 21, 2020

"My dog was attacked by another dog & had bad injuries. I called in to ask if they allowed walks in & the receptionist said this hospital only offered appts. I was upset, considering my dog was bleeding out and I had come here since he was a puppy but thanked her anyway. I was forced to go to 24/7 Petvets where I was kept waiting for 5hrs and slapped with a $600 bill for wound cleaning & medications. They told me I only had the option to pay in full the same day, so I explained that Corona tightened my finances & I couldn't afford it. They told me I could just take the medication. As soon as I left, I called Sunnyside again & made an appt. because my dog looked the same (passing in and out, sharp breathes, open wounds, etc.) They told me they could see him at 8am the next day. I didn't sleep the whole night worrying about my baby. I dropped him off & was told to pick him up at 5 pm. They put him under anesthesia, shaved his neck, cleaned all his wounds, gave him pain injections, some me"
May 29, 2020

"The staff at Sunnyside Pet Hospital must truly believe in what they do and love each fur family that they treat. My dad lost his wife suddenly 6 years ago, and since then his only companion has been their 20-year-old cat. Kiki, the kitty, stopped eating a few days ago and looked as if she had a meeting with the Grim Reaper within 24 hours. My dad couldn't find a Vet place that had an opening for another 7 days. Somehow, he had the intuition to contact Sunnyside and they were able to squeeze her in. For the first time in days, Kiki is eating. With joyful tears, we thank Sunnyside Pet Hospital."
April 30, 2020

"We have several cats and dogs and have been to several vet visits, around town, over the years. Sunnyside Pet Hospital is by far our number one choice!! Their new clinic is beautiful! The support staff is amazing! Dr. Jill Carroll is kind, calm, compassionate and always takes time to make sure we are informed. Dr. Steve Carroll is great also. He's caring and takes as much time as is needed to make sure we leave satisfied. Dusty, our sweet dog had a complicated procedure done there a couple of days ago. The recovery is quite messy and could be alarming to witness but because Dr. J. Carroll explained all the in's and out's we have felt prepared. We Sunnyside Pet Hospital!"
January 5, 2020

"I've been taking my dog to another pet hospital for years but have had some negative experiences there. Mostly the long wait times (hours) and high cost for services. So I saw the great reviews for Sunnyside Pet Hospital and decided to give them a try. Only a bit longer drive but all freeway so easy choice! Very pleased with front desk staff and we were seen quickly. Dr. Steve was great and was very caring and thoughtful of our dog's ear issues. We were out of there in less than an hour and very reasonably charged for services. We will be coming here from now on."